2014 Mini Cooper S – Bigger is Better… Right?

Although the 2014 Mini Cooper S is not so mini anymore, it’s still a great car to drive and will give you tons of thrills while doing so. The first time I saw this car in person I thought “what the hell did they do?” The nose is long, the overall lenth 4.5″ longer than the previous year. It’s wider – 1.7″ to be precise. It seemed to have lost that luster of a super compact car that can still whip your ass around.

But then you go inside. You drop into that familiar Mini interior with the tach front and center and the oversized circular gauge in the center. Except… it’s roomier. The size increase actually serves a purpose. The front and rear seats both have more room and the luggage space is increased by 50%.


Pretty gnarly.

But the best part about the Mini S remains the drive. You probably aren’t going to win a lot of drag races against muscle cars, but honestly, you won’t give ****. Whipping this still-little car around some curvy mountain roads will put a ****eating grin on your face until you go careening off a cliff.. and even then you might still be smiling. This car is unbelievable fun.

My favorite thing about the Mini S is the styling. When they launched the new Mini over 10 years ago, they held true to the style of the 1960′s Mini. And all that style brings back the racing pedigree of the Mini S – which won the Monte Carlo Rally 4 times. I think James May might have said once “Everyone should own a Mini. You’re not a complete driver until you do”.




Let’s keep something in mind here: no matter what car you find, it still has faults. The Mini Cooper S has it’s faults, but I think the benefits far outweigh them.

No, it’s no longer British. – But seriously, who cares?

Yes, you could buy a GTI or Fiat Abarth instead. But the GTI in my opinion is too Vanilla in it’s looks. The Abarth is a pretty cool little car, but I think the styling could use some work in the upcoming years. And it’s even tinier than the Mini.

In the end, does anyone care about my opinion? Probably not.