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Car Payment Late? The Bank Will Turn Your Car Off

Car Payment Late? The Bank Will Turn Your Car Off

A few weeks ago I wrote a post bitching about how much I disagree with the concept of connected cars and how they interfere with our daily freedoms. Well, here is another gem coming out of connected car future.

Over 2 million vehicles have been sold with starter interrupt devices installed on them. This is because, people are taking out bigger and bigger loans in order to purchase cars these days. So the banks are trying to cover their own asses. Hey, they don’t want to lose their shirt either. So now, if you are late on a car payment, you may come out on morning to go to work only to find that your car no longer “works”.

I suppose in some aspects it is no different than having your electricity or gas cut off when you don’t pay your utility bill. But what really gives me the red ass is that car companies and government are invading our lives more and more with these connected cars under the guise that they are for our benefit.

I need to go. I have shit to do. But, if you want to learn more about all this crap check out this article


Connected Cars: Destroying Your Driving Experience

Connected Cars: Destroying Your Driving Experience

Cars kill people.

Well, not exactly. Bad driver’s inside cars kill people. Women playing with their hair and putting on their makeup at 60mph. Guys changing their fantasy football lineup as they merge into traffic. People do stupid things. That, for sure, will never stop.

So the idea of connected cars sounds great doesn’t it? They tell you when you’re drifting across a center line. They automatically stop when you get to close to an object in front of you. But it doesn’t end there.

Governments around the world are enforcing stricter laws on newly manufactured cars. By 2015, all cars in Europe must be equipped with eCall, which dials emergency services when an accident has been detected. Laws in the U.S. are soon to follow. And the latest trends are now moving toward cars that are fully connected and drive themselves from point A to point B. Paranoid of drones? We are becoming them.

On surface, the good parts of something like this are highlighted. Less accidents, better fuel efficiency, less traffic. But what happens when you actually want to drive your car? Want to find that open road to open up the V8 for a few thrilling minutes? Well, be prepared to have your cars power cut to stay under the speed limit. Like cranking the tunes on a road trip? Get ready for a rocking “safe” volume to max out with. The more connectivity cars gain, the more freewill we lose.

And what happens when we lose power in the middle of a dinosaur park??? Somehow “Oh shit” doesn’t quite say it. A few lawyers are bound to be shredded.


But it’s not just our driving experience that suffers. Connected cars bring a whirlwind of other problems into the picture.

High Security Risk

Earlier this year BBC released information on a study that proved the extremely high security risk of cars that are networked together. The connection devices are made by third parties, not the car manufacturers, and when pressed about the security of their systems these companies did everything possible to hide their results. The full article from BBC can be seen here


“John, it’s a fire sale!”


New Infrastructure Needed

Roads and parking lots will need rebuilt and heavily modified to make connected cars function properly. I wonder where they will get the money for that? It’s probably in your pocket.

Mobile Contracts

Connected cars will need to be paired will mobile services to make them function. Which means, getting the wonderful phone services we all love involved. Want to sell your car after a year? Too bad, you’ve got a contract for 3 years with Verizon.


But let’s be honest, the real problem here is that we are losing our freedoms. It’s a privilege to be able to drive a car. If you have earned it, you should have the ability to drive in the manor you like. And if you violate the laws then that’s your fault and you will suffer the consequences. Maybe we should concentrate on getting people to be more responsible when they’re behind the wheel. But when we start turning cars into trains, how long before our lives are dictated in other ways? Everything has risks and repercussions that could ultimately lead to injuries, illness, fatalities. But if we are supposed to deny ourselves every pleasure in life for the sake of being “safe”, life’s not much worth living anyway.

Or maybe I’m just cranky.



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