Dad Ends High Speed Chase With Dodge Ram

It’s a ringing endorsement for Dodge Ram. A neighborhood teen in Syrcuse, Utah, surely enraged at the news of Jennifer Lawrence dating that guy from Cold Play, stole a Hyundai Veloster and took it for a little Sunday cruise through the local town. Apparently the road signs weren’t clearly marked because he managed to drive through playgrounds and residential neighborhoods at excessive speeds.

Now if you know anything about law enforcement, and I do because I watch Cops everyday at 4 o’clock, you know that when lives are in danger during a chase the police will back off in the hopes it will entice the driver to slow down. They did, but the driver didn’t slow down.

So one local man took matters into his own hands, pulling his Dodge Ram (Guts, Glory, Ram) from his driveway and colliding head on with the crisis-stricken teen. A hero? I think so.