Dad Ends High Speed Chase With Dodge Ram

Dad Ends High Speed Chase With Dodge Ram

It’s a ringing endorsement for Dodge Ram. A neighborhood teen in Syrcuse, Utah, surely enraged at the news of Jennifer Lawrence dating that guy from Cold Play, stole a Hyundai Veloster and took it for a little Sunday cruise through the local town. Apparently the road signs weren’t clearly marked because he managed to drive through playgrounds and residential neighborhoods at excessive speeds.

Now if you know anything about law enforcement, and I do because I watch Cops everyday at 4 o’clock, you know that when lives are in danger during a chase the police will back off in the hopes it will entice the driver to slow down. They did, but the driver didn’t slow down.

So one local man took matters into his own hands, pulling his Dodge Ram (Guts, Glory, Ram) from his driveway and colliding head on with the crisis-stricken teen. A hero? I think so.


Bugatti Crash Driver Facing 20 Years in Prison

Bugatti Crash Driver Facing 20 Years in Prison

That’s right. Apparently wrecking a million super exotic car is actually a bad idea. In 2009 Andy Lee House was on of the first people to own the Bugatti Veyron supercar made by the Germans. He was also one of the first people to wreck one… well probably the first.

Andy bought the car for $1 million and later had it insured for $2.2 million. Less than a month later he went careening into a salt lake in Texas, leaving the engine running to suck up all the nasty water and cause irreparable damage to the 16 cylinder engine.

In his original statement, Andy told police that he has swerved to avoid a low flying pelican. Unfortunately for him, and much to our delight, a few young fellas were recording the exotic car siting. No pelican can be found. He then changed his story to say that he was reaching for his cell phone and lost control of the vehicle. A likely story, Andy.

Further investigation revealed that he had previously tried to bribe someone to crash the Bugatti Veyron for him. Well, you know what they say: when you want something done right you gotta do it yourself.

Andy pleaded guilty to wire fraud in court and now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Maybe Red can get you a poster of a Veyron




Ways to NOT Increase Horsepower – Idiotic Mods

Ways to NOT Increase Horsepower – Idiotic Mods

We all know there’s lots of different ways to increase horsepower on your car and there are about 10 billion blog posts and instructional videos to tell you how to do that. This blog post describes ways to not increase horsepower and potentially ruin your vehicle at the same time.

Homemade Racing Stripes and Racing Stickers

“Dope ride brah!” That’s what your friend would say in high school when you pulled up to band camp in a 1990 Ford Tempo with spray-painted racing stripes down the middle. Even back then they were ****ing with you. If anyone says that to you today… well you need to stop hanging out in those areas.


Fart Can Exhaust

Gives you an extra 5 horsepower – guaranteed. Have you ever seen the whistle tip video? Well that tin piece of **** you just slapped to the back of your mom’s Camry is just about as cool.

Underglow Lights

Now I don’t want to be distasteful here but… Paul Walker is dead. And so is the age of neon lights being cool on your car. Unless you would like to be in a high speed robbery of an 18-wheeler in an easily identified vehicle, you should leave these on the shelves at Best Buy – because that’s where they come from and you know it.


Gigantic Dumbass Spoiler

Most aftermarket and nearly all OEM rear spoilers/wings provide little or no downforce. They are appearance items and if anything just add drag. How’s the rear visibility going?




Strap-On Hood Scoop

Ummm… a real hood scoop, strangely enough, takes cool, denser air into the engine compartment to help the engine breathe more efficiently and increase power. A strap-on hood scoop, is a plastic lunch tray taped to the bonnet of a car. It does not send air to the engine… although it may add up to 200 horsepower. Uh.

vent 2

Phat Rims

Ok, some aftermarket wheels are designed to be lighter so your car has more power-to-weight. But these aren’t…



10 Worst Cars of 2014

10 Worst Cars of 2014

Well, do we need an explanation? These are the worst cars of 2014. If you see one for sale, run like hell before your wife sees it and says something like “Oh that’s cute!”

Now this is not just my own opinion. These rankings are based on consumer reports for the worst cars of 2014… loosely. I would love to give you explanations, but I didn’t evaluate them, the rest of the world did. It is what it is!

10) Chrysler 200/Dodge Avenger

2013 Chrysler 200


9) Honda Crosstour


8) Scion TC


7) Ford Edge


6) Range Rover Evoque


5) Ford Taurus


4) Chevy Spark


3) Mitsubishi Lancer


2) Smart ForTwo


1) Scion IQ


Jaguar XJ Concept Car Pics and Photos

Jaguar XJ Concept Car Pics and Photos

Who likes pictures of cars? I do.

The concept for the all new Jaguar XJ. I think it’s beautiful. If it performs anything like it looks, it will be something pretty gnarly.




2014 Mini Cooper S – Bigger is Better… Right?

2014 Mini Cooper S – Bigger is Better… Right?

Although the 2014 Mini Cooper S is not so mini anymore, it’s still a great car to drive and will give you tons of thrills while doing so. The first time I saw this car in person I thought “what the hell did they do?” The nose is long, the overall lenth 4.5″ longer than the previous year. It’s wider – 1.7″ to be precise. It seemed to have lost that luster of a super compact car that can still whip your ass around.

But then you go inside. You drop into that familiar Mini interior with the tach front and center and the oversized circular gauge in the center. Except… it’s roomier. The size increase actually serves a purpose. The front and rear seats both have more room and the luggage space is increased by 50%.


Pretty gnarly.

But the best part about the Mini S remains the drive. You probably aren’t going to win a lot of drag races against muscle cars, but honestly, you won’t give ****. Whipping this still-little car around some curvy mountain roads will put a ****eating grin on your face until you go careening off a cliff.. and even then you might still be smiling. This car is unbelievable fun.

My favorite thing about the Mini S is the styling. When they launched the new Mini over 10 years ago, they held true to the style of the 1960′s Mini. And all that style brings back the racing pedigree of the Mini S – which won the Monte Carlo Rally 4 times. I think James May might have said once “Everyone should own a Mini. You’re not a complete driver until you do”.




Let’s keep something in mind here: no matter what car you find, it still has faults. The Mini Cooper S has it’s faults, but I think the benefits far outweigh them.

No, it’s no longer British. – But seriously, who cares?

Yes, you could buy a GTI or Fiat Abarth instead. But the GTI in my opinion is too Vanilla in it’s looks. The Abarth is a pretty cool little car, but I think the styling could use some work in the upcoming years. And it’s even tinier than the Mini.

In the end, does anyone care about my opinion? Probably not.

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