McLaren Builds Car for Common Folk

That’s right, open your wallet you tight-ass because this deal won’t last forever. McLaren is finally making a car for us Plebeians. What’s that? You’re telling me $200k isn’t affordable? What are you some kind of vagrant?

Ok but seriously, McLaren is supposedly on some kind of new trip to produce a new sports every year starting now, and the 500s (previously thought to be labeled as the P13) is the first amongst them. By McLaren standards, this the car you would find in the bargain bin with DVD’s of The Postman and Green Lantern. But McLaren’s bargain bin is a little too high brow still. Where do they get the ass to call this an “entry level” car?

Ok enough bitching about the price tag. Let’s talk about the car. The engineering, as you always expect from McLaren, is awesome. You don’t really need me to sit here and talk about the engine specs on the car because you have already looked those up on one of 7 billion other car blogs talking about it. It’s going to be fast, it’s going to be low, and it’s going to be sexy. It’s supposedly going to compete with the top Porsche 911′s.

So what do I like about this car? Pretty much everything. There isn’t a whole lot to dislike honestly. And without it being in production yet it’s hard to know more.

But, what makes this car special? What sets it apart from the rest of the herd? As far as I can see it’s just another card in the shuffle of Lambos and Ferraris. I wish there was something unique about it. If I’m going to pay $200k for a toy, it better set me apart from the crowd.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe it will be a complete game-changer. Until then, guess I’ll just piss off.