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Rocket Powered Bicycle Goes 207mph

Rocket Powered Bicycle Goes 207mph

Ho-Lee Shit. Last week a crazy man by the name of Francois Gissy strapped some rockets to the back of a bicycle and went for a joyride around the local neighborhood. The bike was so fast it he was 207mph before he knew it – which was about 4.8 seconds. That’s a world record apparently. Imagine how fast his little legs were churning. 

Not only did it set a world record, it also smoked a Ferrari F430 in a drag race. That’s right, a 20 pound bicycle with a rocket producing 560hp beat a 3,000 pound car with 490hp in a straight line race. Unbelievable! Ferrari better get working on a Batmobile with afterburners.

Anyway, here’s the video of Francois Gissy on his crotch-rocket… literally.



KIA Builds a Beer and Ice Cream Car Truck Thing

KIA Builds a Beer and Ice Cream Car Truck Thing

This is the only KIA I have ever wanted to buy. Maybe I haven’t given KIA enough of a second chance since early, cheaply made models where master cylinders seemed to crap out as often as my AOL 56k internet. Some of them actually seem pretty decent these days. But they really aren’t that cheap anymore either.

Anyway, enough about that shit. KIA has made a beer and ice cream truck car thing of sorts. I don’t really know what to call it. At the 2014 SEMA show the company revealed these new unique vehicles.

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The beer vehicle is derived from a KIA Sedona and features beer on tap from the Ballast Point, a San Diego-based craft brewery. The vehicle also has restaurant-grade stainless steel counters, extra space for kegs and audio speakers integrated into the roof. Pretty gnarly I admit.

Just look how that man stands behind the bar




The latest version of a creepy ice cream truck is the KIA Smitten Ice Cream Soul EV. It’s painted cherry red with white upholstery inside, and the retro-look vehicle has room for the requisite ice cream maker.


That’s all I have to say about that.

Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth: Loaded

Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth: Loaded

Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth: $50M

Jeremy Clarkson, one of the 3 presenters of Top Gear which airs on BBC, has done quite well for a man who drives cars around for a living. Other people who drive cars around for a living, say like, a New York City cab driver, earn about $38,500 a year. However, Clarkson blows that number out of the water with a Top Gear salary of $4M a year.

And that’s not all. Clarkson previously had stock in the show Top Gear, owning 30% of all merchandise sales, DVD’s, re-runs etc. So on top of his $4M he also earned around $10-12M.

In 2013, BBC bought all stake in the show Top Gear, including Jeremy Clarkson’s chunk of ownership. This netted him somewhere in the range of $21M.

All that brings Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth to something around $50M. He beats out his co-hosts as well with Richard Hammond, who has done quite a bit narration and work for other British shows, weighing in with a net worth of $25M and James May, who was a founding member of Iron Maiden but kicked out for cannibalizing another member, coming in with $13M.

Did I mention Jeremy punched Piers Morgan in the face? That alone is worth $50M

Portland Parallel Parking Fail

Dad Ends High Speed Chase With Dodge Ram

Dad Ends High Speed Chase With Dodge Ram

It’s a ringing endorsement for Dodge Ram. A neighborhood teen in Syrcuse, Utah, surely enraged at the news of Jennifer Lawrence dating that guy from Cold Play, stole a Hyundai Veloster and took it for a little Sunday cruise through the local town. Apparently the road signs weren’t clearly marked because he managed to drive through playgrounds and residential neighborhoods at excessive speeds.

Now if you know anything about law enforcement, and I do because I watch Cops everyday at 4 o’clock, you know that when lives are in danger during a chase the police will back off in the hopes it will entice the driver to slow down. They did, but the driver didn’t slow down.

So one local man took matters into his own hands, pulling his Dodge Ram (Guts, Glory, Ram) from his driveway and colliding head on with the crisis-stricken teen. A hero? I think so.

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