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How to Choose A Car For Yourself

How to Choose A Car For Yourself

If you’re one of those people who constantly say about their car “It gets me from A to B”, this article is not for you. I get it, you’re better than me because I’m materialistic and enjoy automobiles for more than just transportation – and what kind of person cares about that? Well, lots of people actually. If you like to rub it in other peoples’ faces that you couldn’t care less what your car looks like, or performs like, or how it makes you feel when you drive it, go down to the local used car lot and find the cheapest car there and buy it. It gets you from “A to B”, right?

Now, if you are one of the self-absorbed jerks who sees cars as a little more than a glorified buggy (like myself), and you are struggling to figure out which car will suit you, then I have a few words of advice for you.

Choose a Car for You

First of all, fuck what everyone else says about a car. Everyone has different preferences about cars and they don’t all line up. I can’t tell you how many times I have rethought my decision on a car because some shitzipper has a condescending passing comment about it. What makes them the expert? If you like a car don’t let other people influence you. Because its a guarantee, that no matter what you think about a car, someone else will have the opposite opinion.

I love hot hatches. I don’t know why, but they have always appealed to me for some reason. I get a lot of shit for this. But you know what? I don’t really care. Because when I get it one of them and start darting around the roads it makes ME happy. And a lot of times, it just takes a single ride along for one of those nay-sayers to change their opinion about it.

Chill out on the Looks

Don’t just choose a car because you think it’s super cool looking and will start turning heads on the streets. Honestly, to really get strangers looking at you, you need to be in 100k+ sports car that most people wouldn’t see anywhere but a car show. OR a classic car that is all but extinct. People see thousands of cars everyday, and even as a car enthusiast, 99% of them won’t get a second glance from me. They’ve all been seen before, yours will be no different.

Don’t Compromise

Having said that about looks, you want what you want. When you start cutting corners on your hobby car, you will find yourself disappointed once the thrill of having a new car wears off. Personally, I like HID headlights. I know it’s a silly thing to care about, but it is one of those things that is important to me. So guess what? When I buy another car, it’s going to have HID headlights. The last thing you want is to be driving your car you’re supposed to love saying “It’s good, but I wish it had….” That’s not the way to do it. Six months later you will be on Autotrader again searching for something else.

Make sure you can afford to drive it

Remember that the price sticker on a car is only something like a third of the total cost. Be prepared for regular maintenance cost and repairs and gas mileage. Plus, if you stretch yourself on the sticker price, you’re going to think twice every time you think about taking the car out for a spin. A car is meant to be driven. It truly does nothing else. A friend of mine blew his savings account on Porsche 911 a few years ago. Gorgeous car and absolutely amazing on the road. He had it for 3 years and guess how many miles he put on it. 600. Yes, 600 miles in 3 years. The rest of the time it sat in his garage while its cover collected dust. What a waste! I’m certainly not a proponent of beating on one’s car, but if you are afraid to take the car out EVER, than there is no point in having it.


No one can tell you what car to buy. It’s a personal choice and you need to choose what makes you happy. Of course you should be wise and take into factual elements into account like mechanical reliability and things of that sort. Remember, you can get a car that gets you from “A to B” and still enjoy it.


Winter Tires: Saving Your Ass in Snow

Winter Tires: Saving Your Ass in Snow

Winter is headed our way again and it’s always amazing how many people choose to struggle through the pounding snow on their set of balding all-season tires. If you live in the northern region of the country (or you’re a Canadian), then winter tires are pretty much a no-brainer. It’s always enjoyable to struggle getting your car out of the driveway at 6am so you can go to work (your favorite place!). If you’re in the South well, you don’t know how to drive in snow anyway so different tires are pretty much a moot point.

So the real question is, do they work? In short, yes.

Winter tires, which actually should be called cold-weather tires, are made with a softer rubber that does not become hard in low temperatures, allowing the tire to keep better grip with the surface below it (whether it be pavement, snow, or ice).

Winter tires from Amazon – Be Ready for the Snow

Winter tires also have specially designed tread patterns to allow sludge and water to more easily escape from the tire. This also helps improve grip, stopping distance, and prevents hydroplaning and sliding. The tires also have added pads for increased gripping points on the tire and help with biting into the snow. This helps you accelerate in that white powdery stuff.

So how much will they cost. Well, they aren’t cheap. A decent set will probably run you about $600 bucks or so. And it’s only up from there. And yes you have to buy all 4. Adding winter tires to only the driving wheels will unbalance the car and cause more harm than good.

The good news is, a decent pair will probably last you about 3-4 seasons… unless you live in Canada where I assume people drive around in snow 12 months of the year :)

Hatchback Haters: Why Americans Don’t Drive Hatchbacks

Hatchback Haters: Why Americans Don’t Drive Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks never really caught on the way they did in Europe. Which a lot of us wondering why the hate? After all, from a practicality standpoint they are way better than family sedans – extra storage space, better gas mileage, some of them even look pretty damn good.

There is some logic to it though.

  • A lot of european roads and cities were layed down pre-car and so tend to be narrower and twistier than american roads
  • In the aftermath of WW2 European economies were poor and needed small cheap cars – while americas economy boomed driving demand for large cars
  • Fuel is more highly taxed in Europe and insurance can be more expensive – favoring smaller cars.

Right, so the 4 door sedans make sense in America. But then you look at these… goooooooo!

Dodge Avenger


Chevy Malibu


Buick Lacrosse


Slow, terrible handling, small storage space… It’s like driving an ocean barge for a cool $35k.

Hatchbacks seem to be catching on a bit more now and car manufacturers are giving buyers more options. So before you go buying that Chevy Malibu you might want to check out some of the hatchbacks.


Ways to NOT Increase Horsepower – Idiotic Mods

Ways to NOT Increase Horsepower – Idiotic Mods

We all know there’s lots of different ways to increase horsepower on your car and there are about 10 billion blog posts and instructional videos to tell you how to do that. This blog post describes ways to not increase horsepower and potentially ruin your vehicle at the same time.

Homemade Racing Stripes and Racing Stickers

“Dope ride brah!” That’s what your friend would say in high school when you pulled up to band camp in a 1990 Ford Tempo with spray-painted racing stripes down the middle. Even back then they were ****ing with you. If anyone says that to you today… well you need to stop hanging out in those areas.


Fart Can Exhaust

Gives you an extra 5 horsepower – guaranteed. Have you ever seen the whistle tip video? Well that tin piece of **** you just slapped to the back of your mom’s Camry is just about as cool.

Underglow Lights

Now I don’t want to be distasteful here but… Paul Walker is dead. And so is the age of neon lights being cool on your car. Unless you would like to be in a high speed robbery of an 18-wheeler in an easily identified vehicle, you should leave these on the shelves at Best Buy – because that’s where they come from and you know it.


Gigantic Dumbass Spoiler

Most aftermarket and nearly all OEM rear spoilers/wings provide little or no downforce. They are appearance items and if anything just add drag. How’s the rear visibility going?




Strap-On Hood Scoop

Ummm… a real hood scoop, strangely enough, takes cool, denser air into the engine compartment to help the engine breathe more efficiently and increase power. A strap-on hood scoop, is a plastic lunch tray taped to the bonnet of a car. It does not send air to the engine… although it may add up to 200 horsepower. Uh.

vent 2

Phat Rims

Ok, some aftermarket wheels are designed to be lighter so your car has more power-to-weight. But these aren’t…



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