Car Payment Late? The Bank Will Turn Your Car Off

A few weeks ago I wrote a post bitching about how much I disagree with the concept of connected cars and how they interfere with our daily freedoms. Well, here is another gem coming out of connected car future.

Over 2 million vehicles have been sold with starter interrupt devices installed on them. This is because, people are taking out bigger and bigger loans in order to purchase cars these days. So the banks are trying to cover their own asses. Hey, they don’t want to lose their shirt either. So now, if you are late on a car payment, you may come out on morning to go to work only to find that your car no longer “works”.

I suppose in some aspects it is no different than having your electricity or gas cut off when you don’t pay your utility bill. But what really gives me the red ass is that car companies and government are invading our lives more and more with these connected cars under the guise that they are for our benefit.

I need to go. I have shit to do. But, if you want to learn more about all this crap check out this article